Network Tools and Technology Research. Providing Network Tools to inspect your domain name, whois records, ping times, trace route information and other useful Internet Network Information.

Networking Tools and Technology Research

Networking Info gives you diagnostic data for your domain name, network and Internet facing services.


  • The DNS Utility allows different type of DNS lookups on a given domain name.
  • The Domain Utility runs a series of checks on your domain name including DNS Checks, Mail Server Checks, Web Server Checks...
  • The HTTPHeaders Utility gives an inside look at a Web Servers response headers, redirect hops and speed.
  • The Ping Utility will ping a given Domain or IP Address so the response time and availability can be checked.
  • The Traceroute Utility will show path to a given Domain or IP Address showing response time and packet loss.
  • The Whois Lookup shows Domain ownership and name server information.

Enter a domain name or IP address for DNS information.

Enter a Domain Name for information about Name Servers, Mail Servers and Web Servers.

Web Site address to preform query.
Enter a domain name or IP address for httpheaders information.

Domain Name, IP Address or ASN to Query.
Enter a Domain Name,IP Address or AS Number for whois information.